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Alarm Systems


Cox Security install and maintain intruder alarms that can offer a wide variety of functionality. We know how important home security is to feel safe and secure in your home.

Burglar Alarms

We design, install and provide a maintenance package suited to your needs and priorities as a home or business. Not only do we install new intruder alarm systems, we also take over existing alarm systems with no monthly fee or contract.

Burgular Alarms

Wireless Alarms

Our systems can be hardwired, wireless, or a combination of both. We believe that no home or property is the same and nor is your security. Every household is approached individually by our trusted team to combine your own personal security needs. Sensors include pet-friendly detectors, panic alarms, water leak detectors, smoke detectors, dual technology sensors and window/door perimeter detectors. Whatever your concern, we can adapt and implement the appropriate security.

Wireless Alarms
Alarm Maintenance

Alarm Maintenance

It is vital that your security system is working correctly at all times to avoid a break-in or subsequent void insurance. The best way to ensure that your burglar alarm is in working order, is to carry out regular device checks yourself with one of our Cox Securirty team a phone call away if you need guidance.

We recommend arranging a professional inspection annually by one of our team to ensure you system is optimized.

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Home Survey

For most of us, buying a property is the largest investment you will ever undertake, therefore it's integral to take every opportunity to obtain as much information and advice prior to the commitment. With this in mind, we offer a home survey consultation to ensure we design and find the best fit for you, your home, and your family.

Home Survey
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